Hello Dag Terje Andersen

August 25, 2008

I am one of many Rangers supporters who purchased tickets for the European Cup final in Manchester on May 14th. even though we made a point of requesting tickets for the Rangers part of the ground the tickets we were sold were for the FC Zenit St Petersburg end.  I queried this at the time of purchase and was told that there was a block of ticket bought for Rangers fans and entry would not be a problem. On the night of the big game all rangers supporters were turned away from the Zenit entrance including my wife and I. Rangers supporters have been promised a refund from euroteam who say in their online contract that they will deal with complaints within three months. It is now the end of August and fans still have not been paid. David from Euroteam claims he is still processing refunds. Philip from Euroteam claims only David who only works mornings can process refunds or give any information. David when asked says he does not know when refunds will be paid! 9even though he is supposed to be the one processing them). Other fans i have spoken to by email are also getting the run around from this company. They charged £850 and £20 delivery for tickets face value£75 and claim to be a reputable Norweagian Company. Is this normal practice for Norweagian standards because if this is an example of  reputable Norweagian busines i am not impressed. Perhaps Dag Terje Andersen should look into how Norway is being portrayed in business and trade by euroteam. I can assure her there are hundreds of Scottish Rangers supporters who are not impressed.

It may seem wrong to judge a country on one experience of trying to do business but it seems having tried several times to contact officials of that country no one is interrested.

On thing for sure I would not advise anyone to do business and buy tickets from euroteam.com online or any other way.


Hello world!

August 25, 2008

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